1. Are these masks compliant with FDA and CDC guidelines?
Yes. As we work directly with vetted sources, all medical masks we send to healthcare workers have gone through testing and met health and safety requirements according to the Food & Drug Administration (FDA). Some masks we source have not been registered through the FDA but are made to the same specifications and are appropriate for use outside of healthcare facilities. We strictly adhere to guidelines provided by the Center for Disease Control (CDC).
2. How secure is your supply chain?
We are working closely with multiple verified suppliers to ensure continuous access to face masks. Through our ongoing partnership with groups such as PPEforHCP, we are able to tap into FDA-registered manufacturers who can mass produce masks in a short period of time. Unlike many other volunteer groups, we have direct access to manufacturing, shipping, clearing customs, and the last-mile delivery to the hands of our frontline healthcare workers.
3. Is my donation tax-exempt? Where does my money go?
Yes, your donation is tax-exempt. We have partnered up with Uprising Theatre, a 501(c)3 non-profit as a fiscal sponsor, making all donations tax-exempt. For every dollar we raise, 100% goes to manufacturing, procurement, shipping, and distributing these masks to the frontline.
4. Who's receiving these masks?
Our top priority is to send masks to healthcare providers and essential workers in the most under-resourced communities. Our beneficiary includes nursing homes, poverty alleviation organizations, pharmacies, cancer clinics, dialysis centers, and COVID testing centers, as well as to essential workers like grocery employees, police, and delivery drivers, who may not be able to get them otherwise. We are aiming our efforts at groups who could become “superspreaders” should they contract the virus, in order to help contain it.

5. How do we identify the locations at greatest risk?

We are in daily conversation with a network of manufacturers, distributors, and charitable organizations like ourselves across America. In every “hotspot” community we serve, we create a team of five vetted Local Experts who help us identify specific areas and risks with the most urgent need of masks and other types of PPE.