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Stories from the Frontline

It is like a war zone here. They're rationing one surgical mask per employee per day and we don't have access to N95s or face shields, yet we're expected to take care of COVID-19 positive patients…

Doctor from New York

“Thank you for the masks! I’m physically crying happy tears. I’ve been crying every day for the past couple weeks but today has been the first that they're actually happy tears!”

Pediatric nurse from Michigan

"We are extremely short of PPE supplies, particularly masks...and made to re-use them, or forced to see patients with regular masks."

Nurse Manager, Miami, FL

With the increased number of cases we are seeing everyday, and the shortage of PPEs nationwide, I’m afraid our front liners won’t have enough PPEs to protect themselves.

Physician from La Mesa, CA

My hospital is a COVID-19 only hospital. We have a lot of infected patients and hospital personnel are getting sick, which prevents us from doing our job.  Thank you greatly in advance for your donated masks.

Resident doctor in New York

They are talking about reusing plastic gowns and hanging them on a hook, or wearing a poncho and wiping them down with bleach wipes after use. We feel very vulnerable on a daily basis being on the front line.

RN from North Port, FL

Serving under-resourced communities

Our primary focus is on sending masks to the forgotten frontline: essential workers like grocery employees, police, and delivery drivers, nursing homes, poverty alleviation organizations, pharmacies, cancer clinics, dialysis centers, and COVID testing centers.

100% donation-based, volunteers-driven

We are a group of good samaritans (with backgrounds in medicine, advocacy, data science, and technology) working around the clock to get face masks to the frontline. We have self-funded this entire effort so far, and now we are ready to scale up our effort with donations from you.

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